Shareholding Structure

San Miguel Food and Beverage, Inc. has an authorized capital stock of TWELVE BILLION PESOS (P12,000,000,000.00), Philippine Currency, divided into ELEVEN BILLION SIX HUNDRED MILLION (11,600,000,000) common shares with a par value of ONE PESO (P1.00) each, and FORTY MILLION (40,000,000) preferred shares with a par value of TEN PESOS (P10.00) per share.

As of December 31, 2018, the Shareholding Structure of the Company is as follows:

Stockholder % held (Common shares) Number of common shares % held (Preferred shares) Number of preferred shares
San Miguel Corporation 88.76% 5,245,082,440* 0.00% 0
PCD Nominee Corp. (Filipino) 9.77% 577,209,672 94.06% 14,108,251
PCD Nominee Corp. (Non-Filipino) 1.11% 65,454,872 0.70% 105,645
SMC affiliates 0.00% 0 3.14% 471,500
Free float level 11.23% 663,899,229 100.00% 15,000,000
Foreign Ownership  6.73% 397,963,430** 0.72% 108,691
No. of issued and outstanding shares - 5,909,220,090 - 15,000,000


* The 4,242,549,130 common shares of SMC that are lodged with the PCD Nominee Corp. (Filipino) are included in the total shareholdings of SMC in this report, and are excluded from the total holdings of PCD Nominee Corp. (Filipino).

** The number of common shares held by foreigners is based on the report of the PCD Nominee Corp. under Non-Filipino, however the PCD Nominee Corp. has not registered the shares in their account with SMFB.